All the Buzz around Prince

Buzz Deangelo is Prince at the Ultimate Tribute Festival

All the Buzz around Prince

Posted On27th March 2018 0

Before witnessing his seamless show on June 22, we get better acquainted with performer and musician Buzz D’Angelo, who brings a standout Prince set to The Ultimate Tribute & Music Festival this summer

Getting a successful tribute act off the ground isn’t simply down to getting the songs right on the night; it’s a matter of embodying the spirit, energy and charisma of some of rock and pop’s most iconic stars, from the outfits and instruments, to the sound, look, fashion and style.

For Buzz D’Angelo, who takes to the stage as the one and only prince for this year’s Ultimate Tribute & Music Festival, recreating the legendary performer’s flamboyant charisma and vibrant stage show was a natural step to take.

Before donning the famous purple ensemble, Buzz was already a professional singer and musician, playing guitar, bass, keyboards and singing in his first band, Marks Brothers, alongside his three brothers and two uncles.

Constantly touring the UK and Europe in support of headliners like Gladys Knight, Glen Campbell and The Commodores, the band made numerous TV and radio appearances, securing a recording contract with Carrere Records, and being produced by Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer.

Buzz describes Prince as ‘Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown all rolled into one’

Since then, Buzz has put together acts in honour of his musical heroes James Brown, Ray Charles and Little Richard, which have taken him all over the world, performing at festivals, on cruise ships and in theatres. His James Brown impression has been used on a number of TV ads, recordings and computer games, along with some special guest appearances.

But as his biggest musical influence, Buzz describes Prince as ‘Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown all rolled into one’, taking elements of his other impersonations, and infusing them with all of the glitz and glamour of the Purple Rain creator’s unforgettable stage presence.

Having studied every album and seen the late performer live on numerous occasions, Buzz’s recreation results in a spectacular show that celebrates Prince’s life and music with uncanny accuracy. Indeed, this major ambition was acknowledged further last year, when Buzz was named the official number-one winner at The National Tribute Music Awards 2017.

Now, he’s set to wow the crowds at Colebrook Park in Tunbridge Wells on Friday June 22, when he’ll be belting out his idol’s biggest hits to an audience of 5,000 fans, including singles such as Kiss, Little Red Corvette and Diamonds and Pearls.

So, if you like your acts fun, stylish and full of energy, you won’t want to miss this startling portrayal of one of the greatest showmen of all time!

Buzz D’Angelo will be playing the main stage of The Ultimate Tribute & Music Festival, at Colebrook Park in Tunbridge Wells, on Friday June 22 at 2pm. To find out more about his act, visit

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