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BOB MARLEY tribute | Legend

Posted On3rd May 2018 0

Legend Bob Marley Tribute

LEGEND are seven great musicians and singers dedicated to the life and music of the late, great Bob Marley. This dynamic band, led by the charismatic Michael Anton Phillips (Cheesy) has a pedigree second to none.

The musicianship is flawless, with that irresistible reggae groove compelling you to move and the presence of Bob Marley himself invoked in the skilled and respectful portrayal by Michael. Uncannily evocative of Bob Marley with messages of life, love and world events this is an experience that you will not want to miss.

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Alphonse Renford

Aphfonseo started playing music at the age of 16 and he very soon founded his own band Messiah which played roots rock reggae music until 1979. He then changed the band name to The Equators at the same time expanding its repertoire to include r&b b ska music. Alfonso was signed to Stiff Records by the owner Dave Robinson, for three years.

Michael Anton Phillips – Lead singer – guitar

Michael started performing and playing music from a very early age with his brothers and sisters- Steve, Glen, Wayne, Dorret, Maureen, Mazie, Inez and Jennifer, the children of Caroline and the late Obadiah Busterman Phillips. He grew up in The Church of God Of Prophecy where they would often be invited to perform individually and as a family unit.

Music has always been very important in Michael’s life and as a child he would practice anything he heard on the radio, television and at school- you name it he would struggle with his tiny hands to play whatever instrument he could at the time!!

Dave Clamp – drums and percussion

Dave has played many styles of music in his career but he has always held a special love for Reggae and when approached for the position of drummer with the new tribute to Bob Marley; Legend, he leapt at the chance.

There is no question about it, Dave Clamp is a mighty fine drummer with years of experience and a great flair for this unique style of music.


Elaine is a permanent and vital member of the female vocal backing section alongside Leonie. Her beautiful and soulful tone blends perfectly and produces that magical and subtle “lift” so typical of Bob Marley’s vocal arrangements.


Glen Prince – bass

Growing up within the strong influence of the gospel church, Glenn Prince has donated his talents repeatedly for the love of playing bass guitar.

A true performer who insists on precision, and reflects his inspirational talents through his performances. ‘Yes he really gets around, he has performed with international reggae artists such as Frankie Paul, and most recently in 2006 supporting the renowned and legendry artists, Beres Hammond and Aswad. Moving on to a next chapter in his musical journey, Glen has now hooked up with Europe’s number one Bob Marley tribute band Legend paying homage to the King of Reggae.

Leonie Smith

Birmingham born and bred songstress Leonie Smith is a talented and mesmeric performer and a vocal force to be reckoned with.
Her performances are characterised by a passion, energy and vocal range that seduces her audience. Already firmly established as one of Birmingham’s most sought-after backing vocalists.

Cowboy – keyboards


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