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Ultimate Tribute Festival Cider | Bignose and Beardy

Posted On7th June 2018 0

Come one, come all to Bignose and Beardy’s Cider available at the Festival all weekend.

Phil Day and Steve Stark have concocted a range of ciders with a difference through their Bignose and Beardy range, by inviting locals and visitors alike to help make them! Read on to find out how you can sample an authentic taste of Sussex that you yourself have been part of creating.

Cider drinkers at this year’s Ultimate Tribute & Music Festival are in for an extra-special treat from June 22 to 24, when the musical showcase comes to the 500-acre Colebrook Park in Tunbridge Wells.

Founded by enthusiasts Phil Day and Steve Stark, the cidery is named after the pair’s most prominent features, where traditional real ciders are brought to life with equal parts passion and enthusiasm.

Through their monthly Cider Club, Phil and Steve offer customers the chance to sample six bottles and three varieties, experiencing how the drinks change over time. Visitors to the orchard are then invited to help the duo pick, press and bottle their range, proud in the knowledge that they’ve helped to create each and every drop that’s enjoyed.

It’s a unique selling point, to be sure, as the duo are able to give their patrons a firsthand insight into how their favourite tipple is made, all while making a day of it with friends and family in the sunshine. Flat, still and unfiltered, B&B’s small batches are given the time to ferment slowly and naturally over the course of several months, making this the real deal through and through.

The apples used are handpicked and come from local gardens in villages around East Sussex too. Many are swapped for cider or donated, helping to create a truly local economy that gets the community involved at every step. Plus, all of the ciders produced are one-of-a-kind creations, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how they’ll turn out.

It’s this individuality that makes Phil and Steve’s business truly stand out. They typically make seven to eight batches each year, which gently evolve over time, and are all vegan-friendly and gluten-free, due to not using straw in any of the presses.

And of course, the setting of Framfield itself is key to the production. With its green rolling fields, oak trees, sheep and horses, the cidery is set against the beautiful backdrop of the South Downs, making it the perfect location for growing and picking some of the finest apples on offer.

With a selection that includes such flavoursome options as On the Road, A Bit of Omff and Hedgerow, you can tell immediately that these are ciders that have been made with equal parts passion and fun; Phil and Steve certainly don’t take themselves too seriously, but are nonetheless keen to let their personalities shine through in all of the bottles.

So, when you are enjoying the 35 plus hours of music from some of the UK’s leading and award winning tribute acts, oh and lets not forgetCider from Bignose & Beardy the football match on Sunday (yes we have a screen with it on!), you won’t want to miss out on sampling a genuinely local taste of Sussex, their Cider will be available from the bar and there will also be tasting sessions throughout the event.

All their ciders are Vegan friendly and gluten free (as they do not use straw in their presses).

Tickets for the Festival including; VIP, Ultimate Easy Camping and Day Entrance are available here >>>

To find out more about Bignose and Beardy, head to www.bignoseandbeardy.com